This is not just another shop. This is the place you come to when you need inspiration. Where you ask for advice when you are pregnant - even if it means you need to shed a tear after you just found out you’re pregnant. Where all mom’s are super-humans and just all-round spectacular. This is a shop where grannies come and boast with the newest addition to the family and find special gifts for special friends. This is a place of safety where even the toughest farther-to-be can admit he’s a bit scared of changes to come, and we will still think he’s a hero. But mostly, this is a NEST where all babies are welcome and loved. They have been our motivation and form part of everything we do.

At NEST we offer top quality products for Moms and their babies, where beautiful design is essential. Style starts at a young age. We believe that furniture, linen, colors and clothing, which is simplistic and organic in nature, are more easily accepted by babies and people. Our products have been hand picked, and collected all across South Africa and Europe to resemble our vision.


NEST Decor, Maternity & Baby, Shop 3, Cnr. Beyers Naude & Vincent Rd, Northcliff

Tel: 011-0245836



“ NEST: is a place of refuge to hold an animal's eggs and/or provide a place to live or raise offspring.”